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“10 Ways to Queer Sex Ed” was first included in our summer 2022 issue, Geez 65: Healing Sex. These recommendations speak to so much more than just the kind of sex education that happens in a classroom. These 10 powerful invitations can speak into each of our lives and communities, helping us create stronger, healthier, and more vibrant relationships with ourselves and others. May we know them, practice them, and learn from them. May they help us move closer towards a world of collective liberation.

Written by Tory Sparks and illustrated by Gillian Dreher. The booklet includes an added LGBTQI resource guide curated by Tory Sparks that is exclusive to the booklet.

The booklet is aprox. 14 × 20 cm (5.5 × 8.5 inches) and 24 pages. Union printed in Michigan.

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