Cops and Robbers

Issue 21, Spring 2011

Issue 21

We resent the invasion of privacy, the feeling of being watched. Yet we, the privileged ones, with our material and cultural goods, need a sense of security. Hence we consent to the constant presence of police.

Surveillance culture can be enjoyable. Cool, a satellite camera zooms in on our house. Nifty, we can take a virtual tour down our street, down any street.

But wait, all this snuggling with Mr. Surveillance, have we adopted the ways of The Powers That Be? Now we have a problem. Could there also be a police presence in our heads?

  • Regulars
  • Confront ‘those in power’ with compassion
    Aiden Enns 6
  • Sinner's Corner: Coffee Addiction
    Margot Starbuck 12
  • Get tough on your own crime
    Nicholas Klassen 13
  • The pastor's wife: No one wants to steal Jesus
    Carrie S. Martin 24
  • Culturosities
  • Artifacts: T-shirts with Slogans
    Shawna Sweeney, Rachel Barber 14
  • Subverting Police Graffiti
    Aaron Levere 15
  • Old Geezers: Dorothy Day
    Robert Inchausti 16
  • Flavours of the ‘enemy’
    Aaron Levere 18
  • Cinema Politika: How to ‘screen truth to power’
    Emily Summach 19
  • Cops R Us
  • With everyone watching
    Josina Robb 23
  • How to cultivate criminality
    Graham Reddoch 26
  • My shoplifting experienceis fairly limited
    Josh Medlin 27
  • Our incarceration culture
    Kate Sjoberg 28
  • How American securitypropagated my internationalinsecurity
    Janell Anema 30
  • Rocking the boat: A briefhistory of anti-migranthysteria in Canada
    Fathima Cader 31
  • Do we need the cops?
    Josiah Neufeld 34
  • Skateboards, gang beatings and trouble with the law
    Kody Thompson 37
  • Detained: Securing territories and policing for profit
    Owen Toews 38
  • Neighbours build safer communities
    Andy Alexis-Baker 40
  • Stop and watch the cops
    Shelagh Pizey-Allen 42
  • Confronting the monster
    Sarah Harrison 50
  • ‘We’re here, we’re queer’
    anonymous 51
  • But after the gig
    Cam Scott 52
  • Confessions from a repentant trooper
    Benjamin Hertwig-Jaksch 56
  • Our greatest threat
    Brandon Gaide 58
  • Poetry
  • We are trees
    Ryan McCormick 61
  • Experiments
  • Illegal Eden
    Eva Klassen 62
  • No More supermarket Produce
    Aaron Smart 62
  • Taxing the tank
    Staff 63
  • Makeshift: a year of handmade clothes
    Staff 64
  • The Sound of Silence
    Jennifer Quon 65
  • Winter Cycling
    Eva Klassen 65
  • Civil Disobedience
    Edited by Christopher Paetkau
  • A dead DREAM 66
  • Airport opt-out 66
  • Reverend Billy arrested .?.?. again 67
  • Britain’s upper-middle class students unite 68
  • Work for peace. Stop paying for war 69
  • School of assassins 69
  • News
    Edited by Reshal Stein
  • Wikileaks
    Josiah Neufeld 70
  • Canadian flotilla raises concerns, mail
    Geez staff 70
  • Website responds to catcalls
    Geez staff 71
  • Children taught good food sense
    Geez staff 71
  • Park dream becomes reality
    Geez staff 72
  • Human rights group calls foul over police raid
    Geez staff 72
  • Indecent proposalThe Modesty Survey
    Christine Seifert 73
  • Reviews
  • The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favourite Soft Drink
    Reviewed by Julienne Isaacs 74
  • Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism for a Post-Civil Rights Generation
    Reviewed by Brittany Shoot 75
  • The Story of Stuff
    Reviewed by Blair Mirau 76
  • Googled: The End of the World as We Know It
    Reviewed by Kurt Armstrong 76
  • The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture
    Reviewed by Kurt Armstrong 77

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