Cops and Robbers

Issue 21, Spring 2011

Issue 21

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We resent the invasion of privacy, the feeling of being watched. Yet we, the privileged ones, with our material and cultural goods, need a sense of security. Hence we consent to the constant presence of police.

Surveillance culture can be enjoyable. Cool, a satellite camera zooms in on our house. Nifty, we can take a virtual tour down our street, down any street.

But wait, all this snuggling with Mr. Surveillance, have we adopted the ways of The Powers That Be? Now we have a problem. Could there also be a police presence in our heads?

  • Regulars
  • Confront ‘those in power’ with compassion
    Aiden Enns 6
  • Sinner's Corner: Coffee Addiction
    Margot Starbuck 12
  • Get tough on your own crime
    Nicholas Klassen 13
  • The pastor's wife: No one wants to steal Jesus
    Carrie S. Martin 24
  • Culturosities
  • Artifacts: T-shirts with Slogans
    Shawna Sweeney, Rachel Barber 14
  • Subverting Police Graffiti
    Aaron Levere 15
  • Old Geezers: Dorothy Day
    Robert Inchausti 16
  • Flavours of the ‘enemy’
    Aaron Levere 18
  • Cinema Politika: How to ‘screen truth to power’
    Emily Summach 19
  • Cops R Us
  • With everyone watching
    Josina Robb 23
  • How to cultivate criminality
    Graham Reddoch 26
  • My shoplifting experienceis fairly limited
    Josh Medlin 27
  • Our incarceration culture
    Kate Sjoberg 28
  • How American securitypropagated my internationalinsecurity
    Janell Anema 30
  • Rocking the boat: A briefhistory of anti-migranthysteria in Canada
    Fathima Cader 31
  • Do we need the cops?
    Josiah Neufeld 34
  • Skateboards, gang beatings and trouble with the law
    Kody Thompson 37
  • Detained: Securing territories and policing for profit
    Owen Toews 38
  • Neighbours build safer communities
    Andy Alexis-Baker 40
  • Stop and watch the cops
    Shelagh Pizey-Allen 42
  • Confronting the monster
    Sarah Harrison 50
  • ‘We’re here, we’re queer’
    anonymous 51
  • But after the gig
    Cam Scott 52
  • Confessions from a repentant trooper
    Benjamin Hertwig-Jaksch 56
  • Our greatest threat
    Brandon Gaide 58
  • Poetry
  • We are trees
    Ryan McCormick 61
  • Experiments
  • Illegal Eden
    Eva Klassen 62
  • No More supermarket Produce
    Aaron Smart 62
  • Taxing the tank
    Staff 63
  • Makeshift: a year of handmade clothes
    Staff 64
  • The Sound of Silence
    Jennifer Quon 65
  • Winter Cycling
    Eva Klassen 65
  • Civil Disobedience
    Edited by Christopher Paetkau
  • A dead DREAM 66
  • Airport opt-out 66
  • Reverend Billy arrested .?.?. again 67
  • Britain’s upper-middle class students unite 68
  • Work for peace. Stop paying for war 69
  • School of assassins 69
  • News
    Edited by Reshal Stein
  • Wikileaks
    Josiah Neufeld 70
  • Canadian flotilla raises concerns, mail
    Geez staff 70
  • Website responds to catcalls
    Geez staff 71
  • Children taught good food sense
    Geez staff 71
  • Park dream becomes reality
    Geez staff 72
  • Human rights group calls foul over police raid
    Geez staff 72
  • Indecent proposalThe Modesty Survey
    Christine Seifert 73
  • Reviews
  • The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favourite Soft Drink
    Reviewed by Julienne Isaacs 74
  • Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism for a Post-Civil Rights Generation
    Reviewed by Brittany Shoot 75
  • The Story of Stuff
    Reviewed by Blair Mirau 76
  • Googled: The End of the World as We Know It
    Reviewed by Kurt Armstrong 76
  • The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture
    Reviewed by Kurt Armstrong 77

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