The Slippery Issue

Issue 15, Fall 2009

Issue 15

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In this issue we’re focusing on the way words and images are used in the realms of faith and good causes – down a slope toward deception and manipulation.

We offer a diversity of ways to move away from slick, prescriptive, agenda-laden use if words and images toward a more imaginative, liberating and honest discourse.

  • The 'war on cancer'
    Sandra Malasky 20
  • The ethics of slick
    Geez Staff
  • Changing the story of change
    Nate Buchanan 17
  • Join the revolution
    Geez Staff 21
  • Hope: Crutch or inspiration?
  • Come on, a washable Bible?
    Aiden Enns 44
  • Good design
    Rob Peters
  • Make a difference TODAY!: Reflections of a fundraiser
    Laurel Hoffmann 16
  • Religious satire: Path to truth or smug peanut gallery
    Becky Garrison 38
  • A good kind of slippery: From skeptical to reparative reading
    Miriam Meinders 74
  • The space for poetry
    Adrienne Rich 71
  • Hot pop feminist mag
    Jenny Henkelman 65
  • On watching good bad movies
    Kurt Armstrong 61
  • The ethics of vision: Photojournalism and human rights
    Susie Linfield 47
  • Liturgical language as antidote to consumerist chaos
    Paula Huston 72
  • Complicity in the cycle of poverty
    Theresa Mienders 18
  • Sympathy for the poverty peddler
    Stephanie Tombari 19
  • Leaving the garden
    Miriam Meinders 20
  • pt1: Too slick for their own good
  • The 'Other' problem is deep
    Rachel Reimer-Vanderberg 26
  • How to watch a documentary
    Andrea Palant Dilley 27
  • why does life seem so small
    Laurel Mathewson 31
  • pt2: The rigour of the grey
  • Abdul Ali
    Phil Sparrow 32
  • Blessed are the poor... and the rich
    Josiah Neufeld 37
  • Posing as progressive: The problem with PC
    Will Braun 40
  • The more politically correct, the better
    Miriam Meinders 41
  • pt3: Responding to spin
  • The temptation of truth
    Will Braun 52

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