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  • Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

    Lydia Wylie-Kellermann


    Lydia Wylie-Kellermann (she/her) is a mother, activist, and writer. She is the editor of the anthology The Sandbox Revolution: Raising Kids for a Just World (Broadleaf, 2021). She co-curators She lives in the neighborhood where she was raised in southwest Detroit with her two boys, her partner Erinn, and a circle of beloved chickens, fruit trees, and friends.

  • Lucia Wylie-Eggert

    Lucia Wylie-Eggert

    Art Director

    Lucia Wylie-Eggert (she/her) is an artist and activist with a passion for print layout. She was raised in the Catholic Worker tradition and finds home in wooded paths and summer gardens. In addition to her work with Geez, Lucia is co-owner of and designer for Three Lyons Creative, a family-run video creative agency committed to nonprofits and small businesses. She raises 2 children with her partner Daniel.

  • Kateri Boucher

    Kateri Boucher

    Associate Editor

    Kateri Boucher (she/her or they/them) is a grateful guest currently rooted in the communities and soil of Detroit, Michigan (Waawiiyaataanong). She was born in Rochester, NY, studied sociology at Hamilton College, and then spent a year with Quaker Voluntary Service. Her work with Geez is supported and nourished by being a member of Detroit’s Catholic Worker community, a caregiver for elderly folks, and the pastoral intern with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

  • Em Jacoby

    Em Jacoby

    Associate Publisher

    Em Jacoby (she/her) enjoys the contrasting roles of poring over precise spreadsheets for small non-profits and the beautiful chaos of raising three curious kids with her hubby. She can usually be found kneading sourdough, turning soil in the community garden, rallying for affordable housing or following a toddler around her hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

  • Michelle Both

    Michelle Both

    Media Coordinator

    Michelle Both (she/her) is a digital storyteller based in London, Ontario. She had her first photo accepted into Geez while studying communications in Manitoba in 2006. She was part of the team that launched Cahoots Festival, and can usually be found starting a new craft project or biking through her neighbourhood with three kids in tow.

Founding editor Aiden Enns is former managing editor of Adbusters magazine (2001-2003) and founder of Buy Nothing Christmas. Raised as an urban Anabaptist, he finds hope in struggling for justice. Ched Myers, an activist theologian in California, advises Aiden: “Have one foot in the church and one outside. And keep your weight on the one outside.”

Founding designer Darryl Brown is a designer and illustrator in Oregon. A Quaker by birth and by choice, Darryl resists the suburban lifestyle by heating his home with wood and riding bike to work. He’s the art director at George Fox University.

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