Humanity Has Big Issues

Issue 5, Spring 2007

Issue 5

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You’ve talked about all the problems of the world. Things feel urgent … DO something.

Then, the waiter asks if you want a refill.
Now’s your chance to avoid this awkward point of decision.
But this time it’s different.
You Decide to take the first small steps.
People change all the time. Why no take a big step?

It’s time to test my faith. I’m gonna act, even though I have no guarantee I’m doing the right thing.

I can only hope to maintain a desire to, hmm, align with the great universal story.
Or, as I used to say, follow the will of Gog.

  • All our dreams
    Geez staff 2
  • Three questions
    Jesse Nathan 12
  • Guilt – one of many voices
    Gene Stoltzfus 18
  • Thirty thousand
    Geez staff 21
  • The failed princess
    Carrie S. Martin 23
  • Valium for Breakfast
    Lorette C. Luzaijic 24
  • The culture of money
    Mary Jo Leddy 25
  • McAid
    Geez staff 28
  • Why I am not an activist
    Miriam Meinders 31
  • The burden of heroics
    Will Braun 35
  • To do
    Laura Grace Weldon 38
  • Warm blemish
    Pam Moorhouse 39
  • Not guilty
    Gregory Baum 40
  • Second chance
    Juliet Eastland 42
  • Grace
    Paula Huston 44
  • Stillness
    Michael Burtt 45
  • When Goliath wins
    Robert Rowen-Herzog 48
  • The truth shall set you free
    Kurt Armstrong 52
  • Catalog of social change
    Aiden Enns 57
  • A letter to progressive Christians in the USA
    Will Braun 64
  • The limits of democracy
    Tim Kumfer 66
  • Give to Caesar what is Caesar's
    Gregory Boyd 67
  • Singing for good
    Bucky Driedger 69
  • The washing
    Jessie Harriman vaneerden 70
  • After Amichai
    David Wright 71
  • With my face towards the sun
    Kelly Marie Riechers 72
  • She who hears the cries of the world
    Christina Feldman 74
  • The Winking Circle
    Willy and Benny Zenga 76
  • The guru of New Jersey
    Larry Frolick, photos by Don Weber 86
  • Cucumbers
    Will Braun 95

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