Art in an Age of Brutality

Issue 9, Spring 2008

Issue 9

We talk, create, write, work and play in a culture filled with assumptions of what is good and true. But these cultural assumptions are often wrong.

Beautiful art is complicated and not always liberating. Lovely images or provocative art stunts often just reinforce our current sense of reality.

  • Art
  • condescension of the lord god by
    Patrick Neufeld
  • Welcome to the gallery of art in an age of brutality
  • The Seventy-Two Names of God
    Simon Glass
  • The Man in Question
    Tom Lovatt
  • Because his wife was given to his friend
    Seth Woodyard 51
  • The Ecstasy of St. Teresa
    Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini 53
  • Proverbs of Hell
    Catherine Heard
  • Jesus Crutch
    Michael Boss
  • Circumcise Your Heart
    Travis Lycar
  • Writing
  • Artist-pastor, a vision
    Jesse Wood 10
  • The art of compassion
    Aiden Enns 6
  • Art is blank
    Emily Wierenga 11
  • Maybe art
    Nicholas Klassen 16
  • Artists point to evil, revitalize hope
    Diana Thorneycroft and Michael Boss, Guest Art Directors 22
  • Activist artist, minus the rant
    Kurt Armstrong 56
  • Arty schmarty
  • Art digest
    Aaron Epp, with assistance from Bucky Driedger, Jenni Berkel and Aiden Enns
  • Pop (up) art
    Carrie S. Martin 25
  • Whew!, the Lesbian Rangers are here
    Shawna Dempsey and Lori Millan
  • How one justice-seeker was redeemed by beauty
    Dee Dee Risher
  • Notes toward a moral beauty
    Miriam Meinders 18
  • Precious
    David McGimpsey 24
  • Fine art and pooh-poohing designer capitalism
    Anna Bowen 32
  • Perspective on art appreciation
    Robert L. Peters 34
  • Actions speak louder than art
    Alison Kooistra 35
  • Art is a conservative power
    Patrick Neufeld 46
  • Not Creator, Creativity
    Jesse Nathan
  • Artistic freedom must engage culture
    Suzi Gablik
  • When the body protests
    Diane Driedger
  • The congrgation as art
    Rick Diamond 8
  • See and do
    Beverly Jones 37
  • Listen while I lie to you
    sam Hell 40

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