Just as I am.

Issue 1, Fall 2005

Issue 1

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What if the aisle swings out the side door — into the back alley, a forest, a kitchen, a cabbage field?

What if it forks, or spirals, or heads over a cliff at the front of the church?

What if you go the wrong direction?

This is an alter call for folks at the fringes of faith.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we only have coil bound copies of this issue. It’s all the same magazine, but without the groovy spine. If you want that please order this.

  • Prank
    Will Braun 6
  • Alter call
    John Spalding 10
  • Victoria falls
    Frances Moore Lappe 17
  • Circumcise your scriptures
    Aiden Enns 19
  • Cult
    Bill McKibben 20
  • Sin in Kentucky
    Jennifer Ambrose 27
  • John Francis, planet walker
    From John Francis, Planet Walker (Elephant Mountain Press, 2005) 31
  • George Bush saved my life
    Delia Coleman 32
  • Quaint, plain and unexpected
    Robert Rhodes 34
  • Divine intervention
    Gretta Vosper 36
  • The dollars were nice
    Tery Loewen 38
  • Network of spiritual progressives
    Jen Wood 40
  • Pretty girl marries pastor, reluctantly leaves rockin' double mocha megachurch
    Carrie S. Martin 46
  • Michelle Shocked on Africa, the altar and the believing mind
    Miriam Meinders 48
  • Rock star with a cause
    Henry VanderSpek 52
  • Live war in concert
    Sammy Younan 54
  • Your best years
    An interview with Frances Moore Lappe by Will Braun 56
  • Birches (poetry)
    Tricia Gates Borwn 57
  • The Great Turning
    Aiden Enns 58
  • Alter calls
    Staff 62
  • A call to all
    Shane Claiborne 64
  • HIghland home for adults
    Kristen McCarty 70
  • Let us bow our minds
    Will Braun 73
  • beyond justice
    jason greig 74
  • Conversion
    Shane Claiborne 76
  • I'm not sure why I am going to Dajabon
    J.B. MacKinnon 77
  • An inside job (Poetry)
    Xrista Megas 83
  • Garbage simplicity
    David Ball 84
  • Become a neo-nun
    Miriam Meinders 86
  • Do-it-yourself home alter
    Staff 87
  • Demotorizing my soul
    Will Braun xx

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