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As you may know, we receive no money from advertising. Subscription income only covers about two thirds of total costs. Hence, we appeal for extra donations to survive.

Geez is an independent, non-profit, quarterly magazine produced by part-time workers and a web of volunteers. We pay all our writers a modest honorarium and ship magazines in the mail.

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The best way to support this project is with automatic contributions. Donations as little as $5 or $10 per month help regulate our income, save on renewal efforts and you never have to worry about renewing. You get a free subscription to Geez magazine and no more renewal notices or invoices.

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Worthwhile mission
Any contribution is welcome, even large ones. Please consider supporting this mission, this ministry, this small effort to change the world.

You can also donate by phone. Have your credit card handy and call our circulation manager at (585) 310-2317.

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