2021 ACP Awards Announced

There’s lots of celebrating around here this week! We’re humbled to have been honoured at the 2021 Associated Church Press Awards on May 12, 2022 – and grateful to the writers, artists, and supporters that make this work possible. Geez received 15 awards for editorial, design, and marketing work. 

Perhaps most exciting:
✵ Award of Merit – Themed Issue, Geez 62: Dismantling White Theology

Many Geez writers were recognized:
✵ Award of Excellence – Biblical Interpretation or Lectionary Reflection, The Women Who Remember by Kelley Nikondeha
✵ Award of Merit – Editorial, Do I Believe in the Resurrection? by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
✵ Award of Merit – Personal Experience/ First-Person Account (<1200 words), When Justice is Illegal: A Letter to My Nephew by Josiah Daniels
✵ Award of Merit – Personal Experience/ First Person Account (1200+), We Need the Funk by Lynice Pinkard and Nichola Torbett
✵ Honorable Mention – Personal Experience/ First-Person Account (<1200 words), The Dance with our DNA by Naomi Ortiz
✵ Honorable Mention – Column, Northern Turtle Island by Celine Chuang and Benjamin Hertwig
✵ Honorable Mention – Theological Reflection, Building a Tomb: Dispatch from a Compost Chaplain by Justin Eisinga
✵ Honorable Mention – Seasonal Article, The Mixing of Bones and the Resurrection of the Many by Steven Charleston

Geez received recognition for design:
✵ Award of Excellence – Magazine Cover, Geez 62: Dismantling White Theology
✵ Award of Merit – Magazine/Journal Design, Entire Issue, Geez 60: Signs of Dawn
✵ Honorable Mention – Photo Spread or Essay, “Black and Native Hands Light the Fire: Guided through the Detroit Sugar Bush by Antonio Cosme” photo essay by Daniel and Lucia Wylie-Eggert

Lastly, thanks for making the internet an engaging place to connect! Geez won a couple social media wards:
✵ Award of Merit – Social Media Best in Class
✵ Award of Merit – Social Media Single Posting, Pledge Allegiance by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann, editor; Michelle Both, media coordinator
✵ Honorable Mention – Video: Editorial/PR Marketing, The Power of Print Storytelling by Three Lyons Creative

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