RoboGandhi: The peace-maker of tomorrow

Credit: Darryl Brown

It’s a little embarrassing that no one as iconic as Mahatma Gandhi has emerged to symbolize peaceful protest in the many decades of war and colonialism since his time. At Geez, we’ve sometimes wondered who “the next Gandhi” will be. But that’s thinking small. In an age of drone warfare, we take that idea to the next level by designing the next Gandhi.

Reinforced with an impenetrable moral fibre, CPTeeth stop conflicts before they can escalate to the point of armed force. They also house the Voice of Reason amplifier.

Gandhi championed economic self-reliance for the Indian people, symbolized by the spinning wheel. RoboGandhi’s titanium, automated Spinning-Wheel Arm extends the same vision to make enough bulletproof vests for every man, woman and child in Taksim Square.

Enhanced Equality Projection Goggles make systematic inequalities based on race, gender, sexuality, age, class or religion visible. Constructed of a high-sheen glass to allow for self-reflection up to a depth of seven generations.

The Autodoubler Arm doubles everything it touches. Most wars break down to fighting over resources . . . so double the resources.*

Human heart: Consensually donated, but still a bit creepy.

Cyber-sandals reduce ecological footprints with every step. Specially calibrated soles reintroduce endangered species of flora back into the soil, while treading lightly enough that insects underfoot escape unsmashed. Note dancing-feet mode.

RoboGandhi is also 100 percent recycled. (That’s a pretty terrible joke if you think of Robocop. Geez does not advocate Robocops).

  • We contacted various experts on peace to help with the design process – mostly activist and lobbying organizations, but also a tie-dye manufacturer. No one took us seriously, except Glenn Morison, a visionary at Project Peacemakers, who submitted the idea for the “autodoubler.”
Issue 31

This article first appeared in Geez magazine Issue 31, Fall 2013, The Peace Issue.

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Issue 31, Fall 2013

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