Cassette for the End of Time

1. The Dears, “No Hope Before Destruction”
I know this sounds depressing, but just wait ’til after destruction.

2. Dolorean, “Violence in the Snowy Fields”
It’s scary to think that all things shall be revealed, but hey, the truth will set us free.

3. Memphis, “Apocalypse Pop Song”
Count on Torquil Campbell for a cheery sentiment about the end of the world.

4. All Things Bright and Beautiful, “Wedding Feast of the Lamb, Pt. I”
The narrator meets Flannery O’Connor in heaven, which is also fire. That’s all the explanation you’re getting.

5. Morrissey, “Everyday is like Sunday”
I’ll be honest: this one is kind of a downer. (Though there’s something oddly hopeful in that “Come, armageddon, come!”)

6. Jason Webley, “Dance While the Sky Crashes Down”
Somehow, an accordion sea shanty seems like the appropriate genre for the themes in the lyric.

7. Rilo Kiley, “The Execution of All Things”
Despite its relentless, cute catchiness, I’m pretty sure there’s a fair-to-middling amount of murder in this song.

8. Judee Sill, “Enchanted Sky Machines”
A gospel ditty about flying saucers and the Rapture.

9. The Lonely Forest, “End It Now!”
Or as John of Patmos put it, “Maranatha!”

10. Janelle Monae, “Dance Apocalyptic”
Funk, gratitude, zombies, earthquakes, and the all-important question: “Is your food taste plastic?”

Joel Heng Hartse lives in Vancouver B.C., where he writes his PhD dissertation and arranges songs into lists, neither of which he will be done with until the end of time.

Issue 36

This article first appeared in Geez magazine Issue 36, Winter 2014, The End.

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Issue 36, Winter 2014

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