• Geez is camped outside

    If you’re a Geez reader and still like shiny things, including Oprah’s O magazine, you’re not alone. Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, a blogger from Newfoundland is your friend.

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  • Publisher’s letter gets response

    Last week I sent out a letter to all subscribers (except those who are making monthly donations). It was addressed to “Dear Reader,” which has already drawn some comments.

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  • Sermon issue is here!

    Finally, the sermon issue is here. We had about 120 entries, which, in terms of sheer volume, was a brutal amount to read. On the positive side, though, this was a great way to get under the cranium and sternum of our readers and contributors.

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  • Geez garners tops awards at church convention

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  • Five reasons to stay in church

    I hear complaints about fluffy songs, outdated hymns, exclusive language, narrow theology, judgmental messages, too much fashion consciousness, sheer boredom or simply being indoors on a free morning. Instead of yielding to bitterness, why not find positive reasons to stay, even though you don’t approve of everything? Here are some strategies.

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  • In Geez’s Name, Amen

    For Christmas last year I got Dad a saucy brass belt buckle “Jesus,” a Johnny Cash CD, and a copy of Geez Magazine. My dad’s got a pretty wacky sense of humour but I could tell he was uncomfortable with the belt buckle. I’d looked far and wide for the Christian fish symbol but when I found the garishly tacky alternate I knew I was probably going too far.

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  • Geez wins awards

    To our surprise and delight, Geez magazine won in both categories we entered in the Western Magazine Awards 2007: Best New Publication and Magazine of the Year - Manitoba. As Manitoba winner we were eligible for the grand prize. In what some considered unprecedented, our new magazine took the overall award for *Magazine of the Year-Western Canada*.

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  • Bishop won’t fly for a year

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  • A day in the life of a mad cyclist

    Yesterday was the absolute worst cycling commute to work I have had in six and a half years of living in British Columbia!  I have biked in various extreme conditions: torrential downpours, high winds, falling snow and icy streets but remind me never to set out when it is plus two with a mixture of snow and rain coming down on a layer of snow and rain already there. 

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