• Jubilee

    Whatever ever happened to the year of Jubilee? It is hard to imagine all the world’s debts canceled, putting everyone back on a level playing field. You might think this concept has been lost with many of the Old Testament laws but think again.

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  • New intern at Geez

    Today we say hello to our newest intern, Megan Kamei. She’s from Providence College, studying communications and media. Why did she choose Geez for an internship? Well, at some point in the future she plans to work on a magazine in India. Yes, that India.

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  • Will says “it’s been a good ride”

    After 15 issues of Geez, I’m moving on from my role as Geez editor. Ever since Aiden Enns invited me to join the Geez endeavour back in 2005, when it was still in the idea stage, I have had the opportunity to connect with and work with many fine people, including many of you reading this message. For this I am deeply grateful. It’s been a good ride—educational, adventurous, challenging and gratifying.

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  • Party for Will Braun

    All readers and supporters are invited to a party in honour of Will Braun, who has left his position as Editor of Geez magazine to pursue other interests.

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  • Geez blushes from gush of awards

    After three nominations, Geez finally scooped top honours for Best Spiritual Coverage at the 2009 Utne Independent Press Awards. The road between extreme believers and angry atheists gets pretty slim, but the Utne judges saw the path, “The editors have created a place where writing and reading about lives inspired but not overcome by religious doctrine can be accomplished in peace.”

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  • Nominees for awkward sermon contest

    Keep the drums rolling ... with pleasure we announce the top six nominees for our Daringly Awkward Sermon Contest (because social change is a bit awkward). Three of the following sermons (in alphabetical order by author) will be named winners, with winning preachers receiving $400 each.

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  • Reverend Billy joins New York race for mayor

    Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel choir are singing the gospel of strong local neighbourhoods on the streets of New York. Officially a Green Party candidate, Reverend Billy Talen is running for mayor on a platform that will sustain recessions: let’s stop the rampant consumerism, support each other, and shun the ethics and aesthetics of corporate America.

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  • Geez on Utne’s shelf life

    Last week the Utne librarian, Daniel Maestretti, featured Geez magazine on Shelf Life, a short spot where they feature important or nifty stuff. She pointed out Josh MacIvor-Andersen’s story in Geez issue 13.

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  • Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing Pumpkins chatted with Aaron Epp about faith and music. Aaron, was guest editor of Geez’s issue on music.

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  • Job opportunity: Associate Publisher

    With an office in an old church in the heart of Winnipeg, Geez looking for a half-time, Winnipeg-based person to help with the business aspects of running a spunky little magazine. She or he would work closely with the two other part-time staff here.

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