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Finally, the sermon issue is here. We had about 120 entries, which, in terms of sheer volume, was a brutal amount to read. On the positive side, though, this was a great way to get under the cranium and sternum of our readers and contributors. You can see the contest winners here and see the preview of the issue here.

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  1. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing all 120 submissions, not just the top 30. Any chance of that happening?

    Calvin August 9th, 2008 10:56am

  2. Hi Calvin: The chances of seeing all 120 sermons are slim. It’s impractical for us to post them all. More importantly, it’s not part of our original agreement with the writers, some of whom may seek publication elsewhere. Further, while there were many sermons we would like to share with others, there were several as well that we would rather not circulate and would leave it to the contributors to do that. Thanks for your interest.

    AIden Enns August 11th, 2008 2:26pm

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