Geez garners tops awards at church convention

Geez magazine won major awards at the Canadian Church Press convention in Cambridge, Ontario early in May 2008.

We received six first-place honours for magazines (best cover, origninal artwork, non-fiction article, opinion piece, letters and first place for “general excellence”), two seconds (feature article and poetry), and two honourable mentions (personal experience article and Experiments section)

Here at Geez we straddle the boundary between the church world and the regular world. Hence we appreciate these honours from the church press. At the same time we also (vainly?) seek recognition from the regular magazine world, which we got last year at Canada’s Western Magazine Awards (see story here). - Aiden Enns, publisher, Geez magazine

2008 awards for Geez from Canadian Church Press


1. General Excellence – Magazine
(Non Denominational/Denominational)
Geez magazine (Summer, Fall and Winter 2007)
Editors: Will Braun and Aiden Enns
Designer: Darryl Brown

2. Magazine Front Cover – 4-Colour
Taste and see that the Lord is good
Design: Darryl Brown and Janelle Townsend
Art Direction: Will Braun and Aiden Enns

3. Original Artwork – Magazine
The guilt cycle; The grace cycle
by Karin Kliewer
Designer: Darryl Brown
Photographer: Aiden Enns

4. Narrative (Fiction-Non Fiction) – Open
To do this week
by Kurt Armstrong

5. Opinion Piece – Magazine
A letter to progressive Christians in the USA
by Will Braun

6. Letters to the Editor
Editors: Will Braun and Aiden Enns


7. Features – Magazine
Where the buffalo roam (and the country radio blares)
by Laurel Mathewson

8. Poetry – Open
by Sarah Klassen


9. Personal Experience (First Person Account) Open
The washing by Jessie van Eerden

10. Department – Magazine
Experiments section
Editor: Will Braun

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