Low brow tanked up marching band

I used to be in a band called Love Out of Ashes.

I’m not a musician and neither were the rest of us, but we were the artistic geniuses behind the songs, “I Would Die For These Animals,” “The Two Rivers Are Frozen” and “Ten Languages.” We were a drinking band who gathered on Tuesday nights in a friend’s living room. We drank, played our instruments and swore at each other.

In the span of a year we recorded two full length records, one “best of” album and played at at least four parties – none of which was met with much critical acclaim. In fact, nobody really liked us. Our friends found us obnoxious, rude, crude and pathetic. Our songs were bad, offensive, low brow and everything but tight. But that wasn’t the point.

What started out as a mockery of music soon became a meaningful way for us to connect with each other, and forget that it was 50 below outside. There was no method to our madness, no solutions to our problems, but there were moments when things clicked. We liked it and we liked being it together. And we did write some pretty catchy tunes.

When spring came, we disbanded, but reformed soon after, changing our name and taking the band on the road. Now, as He’s Delightful, we’re pretty much your friendly neighbourhood marching band. We walk the streets singing songs and playing our instruments. It’s the friendlier younger sister of Love Out of Ashes – more folksy, with less swearing and belligerence. We still don’t sound that great, but who cares – it’s fun. And it’s a hell of a lot better than sitting at home drinking by myself.

Issue 11

This article first appeared in Geez magazine Issue 11, Fall 2008, Geez Rocks Out.

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Issue 11, Fall 2008

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