Social justice superheroes

I am Sister Simplify, senior/founding member of the Social Justice League of Alberta (SJLA), incorporated September 2009. We are a team of social justice superheroes who masquerade as teenagers and boring adults most of the time.

Our mandate is to fearlessly do good deeds, to educate our peers about social justice issues, and to encourage each other in our efforts to change the world. We meet bi-weekly at League Headquarters (my house), sharing a simple meal, praying for each other, and discussing our next plan of action.

Over our brief history, we have fasted on World Hunger Day, volunteered at the local food bank, gathered excess clothing and blankets to share with the homeless, washed windows for elderly neighbours, bought nothing on Buy Nothing Day, and helped to sort shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Our members include The Mercy Monkey, Anti-Materialistic Man, and Love Machine. We all have amazing superhero costumes that we made ourselves out of things we already owned. We are hoping to expand our ranks, and are always looking for new ways to serve and educate the public around us.

I started this group because I wanted to nurture the passion I saw in some of the teens around me. I wanted them to know that there is a choice other than despair, that we can do something about the unfairness in the world, and that we can be a positive force for change. Plus I really wanted to make my own superhero costume.

Sister Simplify a.k.a. Paula Spurr, Three Hills, Alberta (you can follow SisterSimplify: http://twitter.com/SisterSimplify on Twitter).

Issue 17

This article first appeared in Geez magazine Issue 17, Spring 2010, The Work Issue.

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Issue 17, Spring 2010

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