Call for pitches: Work that enslaves, work that liberates

Usually I just send my call for pitches (see below) to writers and artists. I thought readers might want to know what’s coming down the editorial pipe, so read on to see what we’re up to.

You’ll see some of new “departments” (news, culture, reviews, etc.). After four years of the same more-or-less unpredictable format, we’re going to introduce a few regular sections. This gives readers something familiar to anticipate and helps us inlcude items that wouldn’t normally fit a tight theme-based issues. Such sections also allow me to work with section editors, which helps with the load.

When the new issue ships in February, let us know what you think.

Here’s the call for pitches…

Work that enslaves/Work that liberates
A call for pitches for Geez 17


Propose a feature article, personal essay, creative non-fiction or artwork (bonus marks for something funny).

Work that enslaves/Work that liberates. Send ideas on the nature, impact, dangers and joys of work. If work is slavery, what would liberation look like? If work is dignifying, explain why. Consider the personal, social or structural aspects of work. Is this indeed the late stage of capitalism (as Fedric Jameson declared)? Are worker cooperatives a better or lousy response, show and explain why.

Use your imagination: what’s the best way to structure our society? Tell a story of personal or communal success or instructive failure.

Get theological, economist-ic or academicky: give us ideas to chew on (cite solid sources, we know they’re out there [books, articles, journals, living examples]).

Go high-brow: explain disaster capitalism, re-energize a social(ist?) gospel, or survey barter networks and other alternative economic models. Or go low brow: say why your job sucks, why slackers rule, or why bosses ain’t so bad.

Deadline for pitches
December 6, 2009

Word lengths
Pitches: 1-2 pages; complete manuscripts: 500-2000 words.

We offer modest honoraria for published material.


Send original stories (50-500 words) or ideas for any of these:

Geez looks for under-reported stories on topics such as workers’ rights, nature, Aboriginal affairs, social services, education, health care, foreign policy, militarism and peacemaking, race/racism, youth, media, science, queer issues, feminism. In most cases, but not all, there will be a connection — direct or implied — to a gospel of social justice. This could include the justice/environmental/political work of any religious group. Or the story could point to neglect or misconduct done by churches and others.

This is a “soft news” section, with agenda similar to what’s described above under News. Here we highlight fun, disturbing, creative, inspiring things that would not otherwise fit as news. It does not have to relate to the theme of the issue, but it would be good if one or two elements did. An emphasis on public art and creative activism is always welcome. When making decisions, we refer to phrases such as “holy mischief in an age of fast faith,” and “for people on the fringes of faith.” Length: 50-500 words.

In this section we throw the spotlight on the actors and activists in the Geez community of readers. Look for personal stories of people putting words into action. Grand experiments are welcome (I bought nothing for a year), but a well-told mini-experiment is welcome as well (I stopped to help a homeless woman crush her pop tins). There does not have to be an overt reference to faith, although that is welcome. Length: 50-500 words.

In this section we highlight movies, books, websites, magazines, zines or other cultural products that connect somehow to the “Geez agenda” (see topics mentioned under News above). Explain what cultural event or product makes you gag, wince, rejoice or exclaim. Length: 50-500 words.

Yes, we want more letters, especially thoughtful critical ones that interact with what’s in Geez.

Tips for pitches
We see our readers as social justice-minded people of faith. We strive for fresh language to describe the interplay between spirit, activism, simple living and care for our neighbours. Keep pitches brief, write the way you speak, tell us why your idea or story is important, indicate sources you plan to use, and say something about why you are qualified to write this piece. If you already have a completed manuscript, poem, photo or design, feel free to submit it as well. For more, see the previews of past issues on our website as well as these guidelines for writers.

Unfortunately we are not able to respond to every pitch. If you do not hear from us within six weeks of the deadline, assume we were not able to use your idea or article.

Send emails to: stories at geezmagazine dot org

LOOKING AHEAD (topics subject to change)
We welcome pitches, especially ambitious/whacky/quirky ones for upcoming issues.

Geez 18 The Body – including sexuality, objectification, fashion, fitness and self respect; we’ll accept suggestions for an alternative swimsuit issue.

Geez 19 Wild and Wilderness – does wilderness still exist or is it just a fantasy? Downsides of domestication, pavement and the pathways of liberation.

Geez 20 Technofixation – social networking, pitfalls and gains (if we can find them) of virtual reality versus real reality, tech’s impact on our spirit and world.

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  1. I am excited to see your topic for Geez 18. My husband Rodney and I are in the throes of completing an art project we began this spring, called “Just As I Am”. It began with a friend telling us about a trip to the local gallery two years ago with his high school (Christian Reform) art class and being faced with an exhibition on nudes. He did end up taking them through and their questions and comments ranged from “Why weren’t there any bodies like mine?” to “I didn’t feel inspired by any of the art” to “Why aren’t their any Christians doing nudes?”

    Rodney, a photographer, who was just starting a studio based on capturing women’s beauty and building their self-esteem (doing art nudes a good deal), was challenged and inspired. He came up with the idea right away, but only mustered the courage to do it this year. Exhibition is Feb. 26. Book is on the way. Go to website for more info.

    Sonya December 11th, 2009 4:42am

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