Neoliberalism…Good…Bad?? Some say it is great and that it will enable all nations to prosper and develop. Others say it is terrible and would bring utter chaos. I don’t know about you but I sure am confused. Shoot, I don’t actually understand what neoliberalism really is.

Well THANK GOODNESS there are smart people out there that can explain things in a neat, comforting, easy-to-understand way. And how lucky am I that there is even a nifty little video, complete with labcoat instructor (uses baloons! Yippee!) that will explain the thick beastly concept of, dum dum dum: neoliberalism.

Looking for ways to respond? Maybe Geez’s catalogue of social change will help you understand where you fit in.

Be sure to look for Andy Alexis-Baker‘s article in the upcoming Jesus issue of Geez magazine, due to ship mid November.

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