The Winking Circle

We wanted to live an adventure rather than watch one. We didn’t want to lead lives in which the only experience of passion and exuberance came via a TV screen. So a group of us began to imagine something beyond televised teenage angst.

It began with a simple act – a swift yank of the cord. Next, a symbol of joyful rebellion was chosen: The Winking Circle. Then a simple philosophy was developed: “The Wisdom of the 3 Beans.” And finally a call to action was issued: Eccentrify the world!

At a condemned house outside Uxbridge, Ontario in 1999, The Winking Circle was born. Old bikes were collected, paint acquired and a welder borrowed. Soon a parade of hand-painted chopper bikes, tall bikes, low bikes and all sorts of rolling art machines were cruising the streets of our sleepy little town. The once all-powerful TV set dragged by its cord behind an artbike, and the sparks from TV-on-pavement ignited a fire of eccentric self-expression that was soon burning wildly. Bands were started, cars were hand painted, the Southern Ontario Sasquatch Association was founded, boredom was rejected.

The Winking Circle continues to destroy TVs, as well as plant gardens, visit prisoners, hang out at monasteries and even teach Sunday school. We have pulled the plug and engaged in life. Positive action is always more exhilarating than passive entertainment. So if you’ve ever skinned your knees, had paint on your shirt or worn a crooked smile, welcome.

Issue 5

This article first appeared in Geez magazine Issue 5, Spring 2007, Humanity Has Big Issues.

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Issue 5, Spring 2007

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