Being bourgeois - Come to a salon

Download the poster for the event here,

We’re inviting friends of Geez magazine to a residence for some wine, socializing and semi-formal discussion on being middle class.

Being Larry Bourgeois: Finding your place in the class divide
Friday, November 4, 2011
264 Home Street, Winnipeg
7:30 p.m. come early for a glass of wine††
8:00 p.m. mini-lectures, discussion
9:00 p.m. maxi-socializing†
RSVP 204.772.9610 for the mini-lectures (seats approx. 30)
Or email rachel [at] geezmagazine [dot] org

Bring dainties or snacks

It’s another one in our salon series, which we describe as” formal or informal gathering to engage a specific topic which may include politics, literature, art, fashion or business.”

†There is a real person named Larry Bourgeois and he lives in a real city called Cincinnati.

††This summer, at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina, Larry was so inspired by the Geez agenda that he sent us $200 and instructions to buy a case of wine. So, here we go! What’s it like to be Larry Bourgeois? Come and see! Is Larry for real? You don’t believe us? Go ahead and type “Larry Bourgeois Geez magazine” into an internet search engine and find a 20 minute YouTube video of him in conversation with Geez editor Aiden Enns. Warning: Aiden looks pretty grumpy as first; not enough wine; unlike Larry, Aiden is likely B.D., i.e., in “Bourgeois Denial.”

The Salon Coordinating Team
Rachel Barber, circulation manager, Geez magazine
Aiden Enns, editor, Geez magazine

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