• Compassionate thoughts from a good doctor

    For every politician seeking election this season, I recommend Gabor Maté‘s book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts (Toronto: Knopf, 2008). It offers a compassionate view of troubles affecting the core areas of North America’s major cities.

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  • “Irreverent yet always earnest” - Globe and Mail

    It’s nice to get a mention in Canada’s paper of record, The Globe and Mail. Not bad; we’re stuck between Vanity Fair and Wax Poetics.

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  • Aliens and margins

    Bob Ekblad’s new book, A Christian Manifesto (Westminster John Knox) has been dominating my thinking over the past few weeks.  It’s a bold call to Christians to make themselves aliens to the dominant powers of culture – especially militarism, nationalism, and violence – and relocate at the margins of society alongside the poor, illegal immigrants, prisoners, and addicts. 

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  • Reverend Billy preaches on Fox Business

    Starbucks announces the closing of 616 of its stores across the United States. So, for fun, Fox TV gets Reverend Billy from The Church of Stop Shopping behind the camera for Fox Business Happy Hour.

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  • Geez is camped outside

    If you’re a Geez reader and still like shiny things, including Oprah’s O magazine, you’re not alone. Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, a blogger from Newfoundland is your friend.

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  • Publisher’s letter gets response

    Last week I sent out a letter to all subscribers (except those who are making monthly donations). It was addressed to “Dear Reader,” which has already drawn some comments.

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  • Sermon issue is here!

    Finally, the sermon issue is here. We had about 120 entries, which, in terms of sheer volume, was a brutal amount to read. On the positive side, though, this was a great way to get under the cranium and sternum of our readers and contributors.

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  • Geez garners tops awards at church convention

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  • Five reasons to stay in church

    I hear complaints about fluffy songs, outdated hymns, exclusive language, narrow theology, judgmental messages, too much fashion consciousness, sheer boredom or simply being indoors on a free morning. Instead of yielding to bitterness, why not find positive reasons to stay, even though you don’t approve of everything? Here are some strategies.

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  • In Geez’s Name, Amen

    For Christmas last year I got Dad a saucy brass belt buckle “Jesus,” a Johnny Cash CD, and a copy of Geez Magazine. My dad’s got a pretty wacky sense of humour but I could tell he was uncomfortable with the belt buckle. I’d looked far and wide for the Christian fish symbol but when I found the garishly tacky alternate I knew I was probably going too far.

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