Mid-year fundraising a success

Donors receive a little booklet. Credit: Geez staff photo

On behalf of the whole crew, we say ‘thanks!’

We asked and you answered. We can continue to meet our usual expenses: honoraria for writers, printing costs (to Friesens in Altona, Manitoba) and Canada Post. Thanks to more than 100 people who responded to our mid-year fundraising drive.

Our goal was to collect $5,000 to help the magazine make it through an unusual slump in cash flow. We surpassed our goal and reached almost $8,000 in donations. In addition, we received many subscription orders and renewals.

In the coming weeks we’ll issue thank-you notes and send out posters and mini booklets, as promised.

Some of your comments

• Love your magazine — please keep up the excellent work

• Peace to you as you continue your good work.

• This old lady appreciates Geez‘s approach to faith and culture. Keep up the good writing!

• Keep on keeping on! I love the magazine and what it stands for.

• I am lucky enough to be the recipient of a friend’s already-read copies of Geez. Thank you for what you do.

• I am happy to donate to the June fundraiser because I believe in the unique and varied perspective Geez brings. I am grateful that you continue to challenge and enlighten. Please note: I don’t need to you to send me a perk, please just accept my donation with no strings attached.

• Keep on keeping us thinking!

• We are pleased to be able to support your holy mischief work. Keep going with verve and love!


On behalf of the entire Geez team,

Aiden Enns
Editor, Geez magazine

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