Hunger Fast for Indigenous Rights

Leah Gazan (left) and Abby Heinrichs, Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights, April-May 2017. From a documentary.

I’m feeling hungry and a little panicked. Mostly it’s because of a mid-morning coffee deficit. I’m at the start of a whopping 2-day fast to show solidarity with those who advocate for enshrining Indigenous rights into Canadian law.

You can read about the campaign here and sign up for the fast here. I’m fasting today and tomorrow.

My reasons for this time of reflection and spiritual discipline are as written on the signup sheet:

“We are fasting so that Indigenous human rights will be honoured through a legislative framework by the Government of Canada. We are specifically praying and acting in support of Bill C-262, an act that would ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

Our friends and former guest editors of the Geez issue on Decolonization, Leah Gazan and Steve Henrichs, are on a team that’s pushing for the Canadian people and their government to not just talk about but to implement and be held accountable for their adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP).

In our newly released issue of Geez on Tourism Re-Imagined, we feature a report, Solidarity’s Long Walk, by activist and friend Kathy Moorhead Thiessen on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights, which happened in April and May earlier this year.

You can see a moving, 30-minute documentary about the pilgrimage (by Rebel Sky Media) on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights web page.

Please join me in speaking up for Indigenous rights. – Aiden Enns, Editor

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