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Now more than ever we rely on strong support from Geez readers. New subscriptions, renewals, and gifts that are the financial backbone of this magazine.

Geez magazine starts with pop culture critique, fortifies it with an analysis of the lines of oppression, then adds lots of ingredients for social action, and sprinkles in spiritual sustenance and religious wisdom to keep us going.

Still ad-free
We are an odd bird. While almost every other magazine is loaded with ads, we decided to buck the system and go ad-free. And we did it! It’s a strong word to our consumer-minded culture: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Crave tangibility
Yes, virtual reality is here. And, we admit that it does build community. But it can be both overwhelming and underwhelming, i.e., unsatisfying in new ways. But tangible reality is anchoring. It’s all there—for holding and savouring. For feeling the reality and indulgence of physical limitations.

Think of Geez as soul food for spiritually-minded social justice seekers. Many readers identify as misfit Christians or post/lapsed/former/quasi/anti-Christians. But there is a universal dimension to the language of love, compassion, truth-speaking and justice, so we have readers from all over the spiritual spectrum.

Your subscription options

Think of Geez as cultural resistance that’s simple, fun, self-empowering, community-connecting, spiritually grounding and full of hope (okay, that’s too much hype, but that’s our goal!).

1. Gift Subscriptions are only $39/year (in Canada and the U.S.), see the link here. Outside the U.S. and Canada? Then order here.

2. New Subscriptions are only $39/year (in Canada and the U.S.), see the link here. Outside the U.S. and Canada? Then order here.

One time contributions

A one-time contribution of $35, $50, $100 or more helps us pay the rent, buy printer toner, offer modest honoraria to freelance writers and artists, and pay for grapes and crackers when volunteers proofread the magazine and stuff it with insert cards. See the donation options here.

Geez Monthly Donor

With your help, we will almost have almost enough to cover the modest monthly pay for our part-time workers. Please consider as little as $8/month, or maybe $10, $15, $20 or more per month. You get a “free” subscription and no renewal notices. See our Donate page, select your amount, and then select “monthly.”

Or pick up the phone and we can make it more personal; call 204-772-9610.

If you’re sending a cheque, make it payable to “Geez magazine.” Mail it to Geez magazine, 400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2M2.

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  1. keep on keeping on God has big plans for such works.

    Brandon Duncan United States December 27th, 2017 3:07pm

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