• You go designers

    A good friend of _Geez_ and principal at a local design firm had a cover article in the current issue of Applied Arts. He argues, convincingly I think, for designers to employ their tools for good things like empathy and peace building.

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  • Call for pitches, Geez 20: Cybereverything

    The next issue of Geez is on the pros and cons of technology. What are the pros and cons of our computer-saturated culture? We can connect more: is this good for relationships or does it distance us from each other. Here’s a chance for would-be writers to submit their ideas.

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  • Issues on the horizon: Sermon contest, disabilities, freebies

    If you’re a writer and want to send pitches, or just want a peek at what we’re working on in the coming year, here’s a list of topics on our plate. Complete with deadlines for pitches.

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  • Brief thoughts on my post-Christian hope

    Resistance can take the form of lowering the techno-intensity of our lives. For that to matter, the here and now needs and uplift. This world, here and now, becomes the most important of all.

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  • Scrambling for high ground on both sides of the deathbed

    Even from my vantage-point, an atheist working in the realm of faith (certainly an anomaly) I get it from both sides. The unbelievers are perplexed by my engagement with the community and why I would do it, while conversations within the faith community clearly develop barriers once I ‘out’ myself.

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  • Computology Part 2: I will survive

    If computers make us lazy, careless and stupid, that’s only one part of the equation. We can respond to technology in ways that foster patience, presence and solidarity with others.

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  • Computology Part 1: Computers lessen me

    Geez editor Aiden Enns has mixed feelings about the use of technology. This is the first entry in his online journal called AmishMash, a mix of neo-luddite and pop-culture pacifist activism.

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  • 2010 Homes not 2010 Games

    Slagging on the Olympics is a good way to make people think you’re a kook. Nobody likes a party pooper, especially one at a worldwide pageantry that’s bringing 82 nations together in peaceful competition. It’s definitely not in keeping with the nebulous concept of “Olympic Spirit,” which is, let’s face it, only rich in sentiment. Nevertheless, such sentiment serves as a convenient rallying cry for corporations that stand to profit from the rapacious development of Olympic venues and public consumption of events, schwag and advertisements. It’s a feel-good moneymaker.

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  • Call for pitches: The Body Issue

    Call for pitches: The Body Issue. We all have a body. It is home to our self, the amazing site of our sensations, a piece of the material world which we alone inhabit. But if the body is uniquely ours, it is also subject to forces beyond our control, be they biological and physical - birth, growth, illness, accidents, death, and decay – or political, geographic, economic, and technological.

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  • Unmarriage

    “Unmarriage until gay marriage, no marriage until gay marriage.” That is the phrase that will chime through the streets, Feb 14th in central park. Rev. Billy and his gospel choir are at it again. This time they are inviting married couples to unmarry. Ditch the vows. Shed the rings. No marriage until all can marry.

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