Thanks to Project Ploughshares and ‘free’ issues of Geez

Hey __Geez_ readers, now’s your chance to tangibly benefit from our partnership with Project Ploughshares. In support of our special issue on “The Rise of the Unrecognized Peace Activist,” they bought a bunch of these lovely-to-hold magazines for “free” distribution (i.e., you pay $5 shipping).

Why did we partner with this organization, besides the obvious promo benefit? Because peace won’t come about only by inspiring articles in an awesome little magazine like Geez. Sure, we need animated readers. But we also need policy wonks documenting the obscenities of nuclear stockpiles and the futility of munitions production for peace. We need nerds making war look wrong, but also avoidable. This is the unsung role of peace activism: policy analysis. Somebody’s gotta do it and we love these folks for what they slog through.

Thanks to Project Ploughshares for supporting a spunky little mag like ours. Now’s your chance to visit their website and order your “free” copy of this issue.

Aiden Enns
Publisher, Co-editor
Geez magazine

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