Presenting Our New T-shirt Design

Sarah Fuller will turn her concept into a Linocut piece for a new Geez t-shirt.

We called on the doodlers and dreamers to imagine with us a brand new Geez t-shirt. Our magazine is made together by a community of creatives, and this t-shirt is following suit. Every pitch we received encompassed the vision of Geez so well, was deeply meaningful, and full of imagination. We are thrilled and honoured to have so many artists and visionaries in our community.

The artwork selected for the next Geez t-shirt was selected by our staff with great enthusiasm. This piece stood out to us as it reflected Geez as part of the ecosystem, being composted into soil by worms who will enhance the nutrients of the soil.

Your Art on Our Sleeve Finalists

1st Place – Sarah Fuller

Concept: Intimacy with Earth amidst climate collapse

Medium: Linocut

Description: “The birds depicted are American robins, distributed widely across North America. They are an animal whose migration habits are already affected by climate change. In my family, they mark the changing of the seasons. They are standing on the ground by dandelions and chicory, both common, considered weeds yet very useful.”

Sarah Fuller is an artist and Catholic Worker living in California.

2nd Place – Meg Lemieur

3rd Place – Owen Swain

Our new Geez t-shirt will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks, along with some other pieces highlighting artists who submitted work.

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