Posters for Screen Resistance

Watching the stars can be an act of screen resistance. Credit: Geez Staff

Lent has a way of disrupting business as usual. It gently urges us to soften our scurried steps and quiet our cluttered minds. It invites us to put space between us and our distractions. In some ways, it calls us to expose and engage the powers on the inside – the uninvited guests claiming space in the corners of our lives. When we step back from these forces, we are invited into something slower and sacred.

How can we, as a magazine, further participate in this “stepping back” in an era of fast capitalism and digitization? Yes, we have chosen the way of snail mail and paper (recycled, that is). We have invited each other to celebrate rest and question convenience. But the tentacles of technology have reached into areas of our lives we have not welcomed them.

Leading up to Lent, we shared some screen resistance tips from Geez 34: The Life Offline issue that resonated with many of you. We decided to lean into the resistance, and invite each other to participate further.

Poster your neighbourhood with screen-free wonder

We’ve created seven posters to help us inspire our communities to resist the glow, put our hands back in the dirt, and eyes to the stars. All you need to do is:

1. Download the posters.

2. Print your favourites or the whole batch. If you don’t have access to a printer, try making your own.

3. Find places to post them and inspire yourself and your neighbours to break free from screens, to slow down, to sit with trees, to connect with pen and paper.

4. Tell us how your experiment goes. What unlikely place did you poster? Did you partake in any screen-free experiments of your own?

Let us welcome stillness. Let us challenge the cultural narratives that dictate our behaviour. Let us not become complacent, but confront the powers in our midst.

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