Patrol Magazine publishes excellent review of Geez

“Every once in a while, when I tire of reading the Internet (it never ends) and feel like spending money on paper publications that I will eventually throw away or lose, I go to my local newsstand and I purchase two magazines: Geez and First Things.”

“I’ve always had go-to magazines…But now I pretty much only buy Geez and First Things.”

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Below is a reply to the article above by Geez publisher and co-editor, Aiden Enns.

Wow, this is one of the best reviews of Geez I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks Joel.

As the founder of the magazine in 2005, I never assumed we’d have a final word on the “appropriate” expression of Christian faith (including what I consider “post-Christian” faith, by which I mean an attitude towards life and spirituality that has an affinity with the teachings of Jesus, but deplores many [but not all] aspects of institutional religion, especially in regards to hierarchy, militarism and corporate capitalism).

I merely wanted to offer nourishment to souls seeking the conciliation of faith and social justice and a poke in the ribs to those who, unfortunately, confuse consumer-comforts with salvation, who not only neglect their neighours’ need but build even bigger fences, even nuclear arsenals.

Cheers, and thanks for Patrol.

Aiden Enns, Winnipeg, Canada
Publisher, Co-editor, Geez magazine

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