Geez Mid-Year Appeal for Donations 2016

Dear Reader,

This is our annual mid-year appeal for financial support. As you may know, we receive no money from the sale of ads in our magazine. Only a small portion of our budget comes from occasional grants for special projects. The rest comes from people like you: readers, subscribers and monthly donors.

Geez gets praise for good business
We just had a top-tier consultant from Toronto come to Winnipeg for a day-long session on how to make our magazine a better business.

It was great to hear consultant Sharon McAuley praise our board and staff: she liked the clarity of our financial statements; she said we made smart decisions to survive a difficult year in 2015; and she was impressed by the keen energy we brought to the table.

Then she offered this bittersweet remark, “You are a great magazine, in search of a market.”

Need for outreach is critical
On the one hand, our content remains strong (or at least we’re proud of it!). On the other hand, not enough people know about this award-winning magazine for people who care about spirituality, social justice, art and activism.

Your financial support enables us to amp up outreach. With the help of interns, we are building three lists of prospective subscribers: queer-affirming church leaders, Catholic Worker houses, and intentional communities. We also have plans to increase our online presence, connect with libraries, and reach out to independent bookstores.

Urgent mid-year appeal
Please consider making an extra donation to help support these initiatives. Our first-quarter report shows a cash-flow slump. Please help us show a strong first half of 2016.

Our goal is to raise $8,000 by the end of June.

Just a reminder: as a reader-supported, ad-free magazine, almost half of our $91,000 budget comes from your one-time contributions or automatic monthly donations.

We only make this appeal twice a year, in June and December. So please give now what you can.

4 ways to support Geez magazine

Give online at
Click on your donation amount
(or type a number), then Checkout.

Become a Geez Monthly Donor
Choose “monthly” as donation frequency.

Give by mail
Make cheque to “Geez magazine” and send to
400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2M2.

Phone with donations
Call 204-772-9610
and have your credit card handy.

On behalf of the board and co-workers, thanks in advance for your support.


Aiden Enns, Editor
Geez magazine

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