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“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty. Today is such a day.” – Rumi

Although they’re commonly thought of as a weed today, dandelions have been used around the world to serve many medicinal purposes. Their roots, stems, and flowers can be turned into wine, tea, tincture, anti-inflammatory salve, or even fritters (to name a few). Despite their offerings of vibrancy and vitality, most human efforts these days are spent trying to keep them at bay. And this is no easy task: with hundreds of seeds that can spread up to a hundred miles. We hope that Geez will continue rooting itself firmly in communities and land that it belongs to, ever-deepening our commitments to liberatory movements. In our work towards liberation, could we even think of dandelions as comrades in the struggle and in joy?

Art by Zelda Edmunds. Canvas tote bag hand screen printed by Daniel and Lucia Wylie-Eggert.

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