30 Sermons You’d Never Hear in Church

Issue 10, Summer 2008

Issue 10

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This issue includes winners of our sermon contest and our photo contest, plus a Geez-style look at the rise of atheism.

  • Winners of Geez sermon contest
    Geez staff
  • It’s Sunday morning
    Will Braun, Editor 9
  • A sermon where none is needed (1st place)
    Leslie Barnwell 68
  • A pattern sermon (2nd place)
    Bonnie Loewen 65
  • The lawn sign sermon (3rd place)
    Duncan Nicholls 23
  • Winners – Geez photo contest 2008
    Geez Staff
  • The big sermon
    Heather Matsune, Jo Neufeld, Kari Olson 62
  • Dawkins, delusion and the search for a shared ethics
    Margaret Somerville 58
  • The conviction confliction sermon
    Rachel Toliver 53
  • An indictment of certainty
    Nicholas Klassen 52
  • The new fundamentalism
    Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping 12
  • Apology from a remorseful atheist to the Baby Jesus
    Clayton Dach 50
  • Grandma doesn’t want me to go to hell
    Sarah E. Truman 54
  • Life in the front pew
    Carrie S. Martin (The Pastor’s Wife) 75
  • A sale on sermons: Your guide to buying sermons online Secular Confession Booth 82
  • The new Geez Sinner’s Corner
  • I believe in devilled eggs
    Angela Long 21
  • The dim mirror of conviction: New atheism and old belief
    Alison Kooistra 44
  • Can I get an ‘Amen’?: Mega-sermons in a hurting world
    Will Braun 28
  • The ethanol sermon
    Jane Yoder-Short 77
  • The mini-van sermon
    Brian Hull 40
  • The dysfunctional sermon
    Nada Alic 76
  • The detoxification sermon
    Stephen T. Berg 10
  • A sermon to the editor
    Steve Kimes 20
  • A defiant sermon 24
  • A large, startling, distressing sermon
    Rebecca Warren 26
  • repress, adresss: the holy revolution
    Lindsay Bradford-Ewart 27
  • the not-so-fuzzy anarchist sermon
    fuzzy Bunny 32
  • A sermon from the Archbishop
    Oscar Romero 34
  • Confessions of a university library shelver: AgnifiCat
    Paul Friesen 36
  • A non-sermon
    Trcia Gates Brown 37
  • The Pharisee sermon
    Amos Nidiffer 38
  • An atheist non-rant sermon
    Dr. Sophie Shulman 49
  • The orphan and widow sermon
    Sandra McDonald 36
  • Holy Grief: A sermon for Ash Wednesday
    Hannah Main van der Kamp 67
  • Homeless
    Michelle Gardiner 70
  • Amen: a few notable gems from the sermon content
    Various 79
  • Stuck in traffic, listening to a yuletide message of the emergency broadcast system
    Carolyn Marie Souaid 80
  • On loving hate
    Drew White 82
  • The ambiguity sermon
    Zach Stock 89
  • A sermon from Burma
    Aung San Suu Kyi 90
  • Pipe down
    Drew White 91

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