Letter from Our Editor: Retirement

Dear Geez Reader,

After much reflection and in close conversation with the board of directors, I’ve decided that now is a good time for me to retire from my post as editor of Geez magazine. I plan to make the Winter 2017 edition my 48th and final issue.

Geez magazine started 12 years ago under the tagline, “holy mischief in an age of fast faith” in order to poke and prod at the pitfalls of mainstream religion.

Then, in 2014, it expanded to include “contemplative cultural resistance,” in order to nurture and inspire those who are working for systemic change by challenging patriarchy, homophobia, white privilege and racism, heteronormativity, ableism, militarism, Islamophobia, Christian hegemony, rampant incarceration, and other forms of oppression and abuse of power.

It has been both a challenge and my passion to explore these topics, look for pockets of resistance, and articulate compelling alternative worldviews, value systems and patterns of behaviour. My sense of connection to a life-giving force that knits everything together is reinforced by stories of courage and defiance in the face of evil (perhaps an over-used word), dehumanization, and injustice.

But now, as the magazine matures, and as I encounter so many new voices that need to be heard, I want to step back and let new people direct the conversation.

We have strong leadership from the board and a promising pool of eager talent. I am excited for the future of Geez, and the possibilities that a new managing editor will bring to this magazine.

In a separate post, and on our website, we’ll announce some job openings. I will continue to provide assistance in the transition in the months ahead.

Aiden Enns

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