Your Art on Our Sleeves

Artwork by Darryl Brown mocked up on a t-shirt.

At Geez, we are continually compelled by creating new things together – a magazine, of course, but also buttons and posters and calendars and even carolling parties. This connection continues to comfort us throughout this pandemic, and for that we are grateful.

Today, we are launching a new opportunity to create together. Our last box of holy mischief t-shirts is almost empty and we’re ready to dream up a new design. But since you’ll be wearing our new t-shirts too, it would only be fair if you have a say in how they look.

We’re inviting you to pitch us your absurd, meaningful, justice-driven t-shirt ideas.

Conceptualize: Consider a concept that encompasses one of three areas: (1) movement building in the streets, (2) the slowness and beauty of print in a digital age, or (3) intimacy with Earth amidst climate collapse. Concepts must be limited to 1-3 colours and include the Geez logo somewhere in the artwork. The logo can, however, be abstracted or hand drawn. You can download the logo here.

Submit: Send us a sketch of your idea, a brief description of your vision, and a link to highlight your other artwork. Email them to by March 15, 2021.

Selection: Geez staff will select a winner by vote based on the following criteria: alignment with Geez values, clarity of vision, and quality of creative idea.

Compensation: The selected winner will receive $250 to bring their concept to fruition. Additionally, select runners-up will be offered prizes of $100 and $50 for use of their artwork, whether it be additional t-shirt designs or use in a future campaign.

So whether you’re a doodler or dreamer, join us in creating the t-shirt you’d love to wear to your next backyard bonfire, evening bike ride, or trip to the farmers’ market.

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