Introducing the Presenters for “Pitch Circus Tent, Family Festival”

Photo provided by Joe Reilly

Pitch the Circus Tent: A Geez Family Festival quickly approaches, June 23-25! Grandmas, teens, and toddlers are packing their bags for a weekend of creative rest, play, and craft. The workshop presenters are rad folks from the Geez community. You can find their work in our upcoming summer issue, Geez 69: The Children Will Prohpesy. Allow us to introduce you!

Workshop Leaders

PitchCircusTent_Leaders SONG WRITING
Joe Reilly is a singer, songwriter, and educator who writes songs from his heart. Joe’s songs are playful, clever, engaging, and meaningful. The core of his message is an invitation to heal our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.
PitchCircusTent_Leaders2 PRINTMAKING
Becky McIntyre and Sarah Fuller are artists who met while they were both living at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker. They are both interested in linocut printmaking and in making art in the context of community.
PitchCircusTent_Leaders3 ZINE MAKING
Francesca Barr is a young Irish-American writer from Massachusetts. She has spent a large part of the past year working on different vegetable farms in Ireland and the United States. Her work can be found in Geez.
Kimmothy Cole is a community artist and facilitator based in Richmond, Virgina. They are co-director of General Hospitality, a cooperative that creates space for healing, experimentation, and play. A Liturgy for All Bodies is out now through Cyclical Publishing.
PitchCircusTent_Leaders5 MOVEMENT
Lucia Wylie-Eggert is the art director for Geez and dances because her spirit demands it. She lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with her partner and two children.
PitchCircusTent_Leaders6 TIE-DYE
Heather Scott loves to try all kinds of crafts. She got into tie-dye by running the social events at the pool in Ithaca, New York! She also likes to quilt, mostly improvisationally, and aspires to sew clothing.

Friday we will settle in, craft, and get oriented. Three workshop periods will be offered Saturday in which participants can select between a couple options. Sunday will include project wrap up, wild church, and an optional trip to a waterfall. Additional activities throughout include a bonfire, game station, water play, protest sign creation, talent show, shared meals, and wild church. We look forward to celebrating the prophesies of children together!

More information about Pitch the Circus Tent: A Geez Family Festival is available on the Kirkridge website. Email Lucia, lucia @, with questions.

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