Sustain the Project: A Magazine Without Cheap Hope

From “Instructions on Being with Trees,” written by Dee Dee Risher and illustrated by Erin Cutler

“Geez is a magazine without cheap hope,
and real hope can be difficult to come by.”
Geez Community Survey Respondent

Dear readers,

After months of uncertainty all around me, I never doubted for a second my work at Geez. It continues to be work that I love to pour every free minute into between the intensity of kids at home and heightened community needs. With all that is being unraveled and all the grief we are holding, Geez feels more important than ever.

As the world moves into deeper dependence upon screens, it feels important to make something to hold in your hands to be read slowly and mindfully.

As the world shelters in place with people growing lonely and hungry for community, it feels important to send out a touchpoint for all of us to remember that we are not alone.

As the world cries out in the streets for an end to racist police violence, it feels important to hold a space to lift up the voices of BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour) and to engage white folks in the struggle to dismantle white supremacy and white theology.

As the world leaves us feeling hopeless, it feels important to offer space for “the world to be saved by beauty,” in the words of Dorothy Day.

Our work at Geez is messy and human and sacred. The work is meant as gift for this Beloved Community.

Certainly, it is not easy to sustain this project. We create a beautiful, ad-free magazine with a tight budget and a small, part-time staff. We know that the only way we survive and continue to grow is through the love and support of our reader community. We give thanks for that.

And so we come to you again, asking: can you support Geez financially? Would you consider becoming a monthly donor? Are you in a position to increase your donation? Every dollar is important and helps us continue to do this beloved work.

In hope and struggle,
Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
Editor, Geez

A Few Thank You Perks to Energize Your Giving
Perks will be given to all who contribute before September 8
Help us out: indicate your perk request in the comments when you place your order.

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