Osborne House & Head In The Sand - a fundraiser

The following fundariser announcement showed up in our inboxes here at Geez and we thought that it was important enough to share. – Krystofer Penner

Michael Petkau Falk has been one of the recording engineers at the Mennonite Church Manitoba studio for the past number of years. When he’s not in the studio, he runs a record label called Head In The Sand which features a large contingent of extremely talented Mennonite musicians. Demetra Penner, Royal Canoe, The Liptonians, Flying Fox, and Les Jupes all boast strong Mennonite connections.

As you may or may not be aware, Osborne House in Winnipeg is an important shelter for women and children needing to escape domestic violence. They’re about as front-lines as it gets in this city and play a crucial role in supporting & protecting families when they need it the absolute most. Sadly, they were recently denied $450,000 in core funding from the City of Winnipeg and are in a cash crunch.

So we are having a fundraiser for the organization and all the Head In The Sand artists have enthusiastically agreed to participate in it. We are selling 8 albums for $50 — every cent of which is being donated to Osborne House.

We would love your support. Please share this link widely, on your social media, and if you are able to put it it to print that would be fantastic. There’s a lot of great music here that can serve as Christmas gifts. And all the money is going to an organization that does vital work and needs our help.

Click here to visit the fundraiser page

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