Geez 5th-year bash

Michelle Elrick (above) and Miriam Meinders at the anniversary party. More photos below

A wall of Geez magazine covers, 20 covers marking 5 years of publishing, flanked singers, authors and editors as Geez magazine celebrated its fifth anniversay at Exchange Community Church in Winnipeg, Sunday afternoon, November 21, 2010.

Michelle Elrick, circulation manager, read from her poem “The lower-case letter ‘I’” in Geez 20. Reviews editor and former cabin dweller Kurt Armstrong read from his “To Do” list from Geez 6. Will Braun, former and founding editor recalled the early days and charter board member and contributing editor Miriam Meinders commended the staff and volunteers for their work. Current editor Aiden Enns pontificated extemporaneously on the merits of challenging power imbalances and embodying the light of the world.

Artist Christian Worthington, a rep from the hosting venue, Exchange Community Church, opened the evening with words of welcome; Artist and pastor Doug Wiebe made steam punk table decorations – 3D collages from sundry computer and mechanical bits; Geez board members and church folk brought food and funky techno-themed decorations (courtesy Eva Klassen). – Aiden Enns, editor

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  1. I just wondered as to how the Magazine came to be named “Geez Magazine” and what the word “Geez” is supposed to signify here.

    Nahuda December 3rd, 2010 12:08pm

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