For When You’re Missing Geez - Call on Our Friends

We have compiled a list (with your help!) of like-minded communities for you to turn to when you miss Geez.

June 21st

Capitalism Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore - One Last Good-Bye

Geez staff created a final goodbye - to Geez and to capitalism.

June 21st

Conflict Resolution for Geezy Beings

This resource was created for Geez staff working through conflict, but was not completely finished as Geez began to shut down. We share it online in openness and trust that it can be used as a resource to other groups and organizations with radical dreams hoping to work through conflict with respect, care, and love.

April 8th

Important Information for Subscribers

As we wind down operations of this iteration of _Geez_, we want to make sure everyone is informed of clear next steps for their subscriptions.

March 20th

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