Writers’ Guidelines

The Geez project is a discussion among people of spirit seeking social justice and dismantling of empire. Our readers and writers express this through art, activism, contemplation, and a more-grounded, inter-connected approach to living.

What is “activism” for us? It is a creative critique of those in power and the structures that keep them there. This includes the promotion and embodiment of alternative practices that subvert the structures of power. In case you’re wondering, these problematic structures include things like colonialism, patriarchy, racism, wealth concentration, police brutality, education for corporate success, and global disparity.

Call for pitches

Before each issue we post a call for pitches. To be included on our writer’s email list please fill out this quick form.


Keep pitches brief, write the way you speak, tell us why your idea or story is important, indicate sources you plan to use, and say something about why you are qualified to write this piece. Please also include a brief bio about yourself. If you already have a completed manuscript, poem, photo or design, feel free to submit it as well.

Experience in contemplation and activism are more important than whether or not you have been published before.

Preference given to: solid writing, the unchurched or outchurched, folks holding marginalized identities, people with dirt under their fingernails (literally), atheist grandmothers, small-town skateboarders, corporate defectors and feminist parents.


Write as though your audience will include:

  • disgruntled children of hook-line-sinker conservative Christians
  • spirited activists
  • over-churched souls (who still believe the world needs some soulful change)
  • people who haven’t darkened a church door in years but can’t help but get drawn into the discussion of faith
  • those who feel an irresistible urge to downshift their lives


In each issue we aim to publish two or more poems, often with one poem per page. We generally print poetry related to the issue theme; interested poets should sign up to receive our calls for pitches and submit poems by the quarterly deadlines. Please submit up to three previously unpublished poems (three pages total) as an attachment, in a Word or PDF document. If you do not hear back from us within eight weeks of the deadline, then assume that we were unable to use your submission. Send all submissions and inquiries to [email address]. poetry [at] geezmagazine [dot] org.


Submissions are welcome. No large image files, please. Small, low res jpegs, or links to online galleries.


We are a small nonprofit that currently offers very modest honorariums. Depending on the length, we usually offer between $50 and $100.


Send manuscripts, queries, ideas to:

Editor, Geez Magazine
1950 Trumbull Ave.
Detroit, MI

or stories [at] geezmagazine [dot] org


Ideally we would like to respond personally to every piece of correspondence we receive. But given the number of submissions we receive — and having tried to respond to all — we realize it is just not possible. We will try to respond to as many as possible but if you do not hear back from us within six weeks assume that we were unable to use your submission.

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