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In this section we throw the spotlight on the actors and activists in the Geez community of readers. We look for personal stories of people putting words into action. Of course grand experiments are welcome (I bought nothing for a whole year), but a well-told mini-experiment is welcome too (I stopped to help a homeless woman crush her pop tins). There does not have to be an overt reference to faith, although that is welcome.


We tend to shy away from featuring the work of “famous” people (successful blogs, movies, books), in part because they already receive attention elsewhere, and because fame is a problematic construct in pop culture (aka the “cult of celebrity”). We’re not trying to establish a community of semi-famous people. Rather, we’re building a community of aw-gosh-darnit ordinary people trying nifty things, now that we’ve realized the North American Dream is for a shrinking elite.

Length, photo

The story of your experiment could be a longer pieces (which is 300-500 words or more) or a quick description (50-100 words). Please submit a photo if you have one. Send Experiments to experiments@geezmagazine.org.

Submissions will be moderated and posted by the Experiments Section Editor. With any luck, we’ll publish yours in the next issue of Geez magazine.

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