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Support contemplative cultural resistance

Our mid-year appeal: Help reach 50 new monthly donors to Geez magazine.

Reader-supported, we mean it!

Thankfully, people support a hard-hitting-but-gentle quarterly magazine of faith-filled resistance. We choose struggle when ads cry convenience. We invite difficulty when profiteers offer ease at the expense of exploitation.

The goal of this project

We appeal to you, dear reader, for 50 new Geez Monthly Donors. Why? Because we’re shifting from a consumer-supported enterprise to a membership-based periodical. We are less of a product in the marketplace and more of a message in the mission field.

And, oh, the mission field is vast. It’s wherever there is misogyny, homophobia, seductions of power, neoliberal constructs, and narratives of progress that suck life out of workers, animals, plants and watersheds.

Please pledge

When you pledge your monthly support,* you become a member in a league that values a physically grounded, image-rich, spirit-engaging periodical, an affront to profit-seeking, and a solace for weary souls seeking goodwill towards others and the planet. Whew! That’s a lot with just a few dollars each month!

Note to current Geez Monthly Donors: First of all, you’re awesome! You are the core of our support. Stay where you are. Or… if you decide to increase your support, that’s welcome too. But don’t feel any pressure. Check out the rewards at your level below. If you want some, let us know.


To thank sponsors of this project, we offer the following rewards. As an added bonus, each level also includes an on-going subscription to Geez. (Note: If you wish to decline or pass the reward to a friend, simply let us know in a comment at the end of the order process. Or send an email to our subscriptions desk.)

Give $5/month or more

Yay! Welcome to the league of Geez supporters. We’ll send you a letter “g” (see image above). It’s colour-printed and hand cut, over 2 inches tall! A 3D reminder of your support and our gratitude.

Give $10/month or more

Receive the Geez Contemplation Kit, which includes an 8-page booklet (with a pictoral “Anatomy of a Mystic,” and step-by-step “How to Engage in Centering Prayer”) and the 16-page mini-booklet, “A Beginner’s Journey into Contemplation,” PLUS the letter “g” mentioned above.

Give $15/month or more

Receive a Geez Cover Collection (four brilliant Geez covers, 4“x5”, colour card stock, with blank backs for inspirational notes), PLUS the Contemplation Kit and letter “g” mentioned above.

Give $25/month or more

Receive a Geez Activist Assistance Kit (a booklet with “The Many Faces of Social Change,” an illustration on how to move from guilt to grace, a 1” button for your bag or lapel), plus the Cover Collection, Contemplation Kit and letter “g” mentioned above.

Give $35/month or more

Receive a Personalized Thank-You Note from a manual typewriter, PLUS the Activist Assistance Kit, Cover Collection, Contemplation Kit and letter “g” mentioned above.

Give $50/month or more

Receive an Original 8-Line Poem that includes your first name (or a word of your choice), typed on a 1969 Hermes Rocket typewriter, PLUS the type-written thank-you note, Activist Assistance Kit, Cover Collection, Contemplation Kit and letter “g” mentioned above.

Give $100/month or more

Receive a One-Hour Presentation for your small group on any of the major themes addressed by Geez magazine (for example, progressive Christian theology and ethics, feminism, DIY, anti-consumerism, a life-giving response to too much technology, colonization, privilege), in-person in southern Manitoba, or else (reluctantly, of course) by video conference elsewhere. PLUS other items mentioned above.

If you want to give a custom amount or make a one-time contribution, simply visit our donate page and take your pick.

For those wishing to have auto-withdrawals from their financial institution, simply write “void” on a blank cheque and use the PDF donor form found here.

Any comments or questions? Please send an email to the editor or give us a call, 204-772-9610.

Geez magazine

This is a non-profit venture, driven by part-time, low-wage workers and supported by a small board of directors. We are still free of advertising (hence always looking for donations!), and try to embody as many ideals as possible. For example, we have a flat payscale, use 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper, and are located in the downtown core of our city. We’ve also been known to sip a beer with at least one hipster – it’s our form of outreach.


A few publications and people that continue to influence and inspire us: Catholic Worker, a bi-monthly newspaper from New York co-founded by journalist Dorothy Day; Adbusters magazine in Vancouver, it dares to criticize consumer capitalism, surveillance culture, the military industrial complex, and does so with visuals as provocative as any in our image-saturated culture; and so many people who wield the power of principled non-violence to destabilize oppressive regimes, e.g.s: Oscar Romero, John Dear, Pussy Riot, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, Kathy Kelly at the Catholic Worker, and supporters of Geez magazine! Support the project!

*Fine print: You may change or cancel your monthly contribution at any time by contacting Geez at 1-204-772-9610, or We will contact you when your credit card is up for renewal.

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