Geez Newsletter - December 2014

Dear Readers,

New issue shipped
I’m excited to announce that your next issue on apocalypse (Geez 36, The End) has shipped. If you haven’t received your copy yet, you should soon. Or, you can subscribe and we’ll send you your first issue right away. The End was guest edited by Tim Runtz and James Wilt, our associate editors.

A fond farewell
James Wilt has left our humble project to work as a journalist in Calgary, Alberta. Aside from editing our Civil Disobedience section (which he’ll continue to do), he’s brought us incredible interviews and written thoughtful articles. We’re sad to see him go, and expect that he’ll do well in his new job. Check out some of his greatest hits below:

  • In Geez 36, The End: “Commit to the world,” an interview with Rosemary Radford Ruether.
  • In Geez 35, After Failure: Admit defeat, then engage, an interview with Paul Kingsnorth
  • In Geez 34, Life Offline: Try no wifi at home and “Neo-Luddite knowledge can animate our species, an interview with Stephanie Mills”
  • In Geez 32, Thirty More Sermons You’d Never Hear in Church: Salvage the sermon.
  • In Geez 27, False Assumptions: “How to help a sex worker”

Recent blog posts
If you’ve been you’ve been following our blog, you know that we update once a week.

Geez Editor Aiden Enns has also been writing a series of posts for Advent. The first post, I Need Jesus to be Born Again, and the second, Something Irrational is about to be Born, are both up on the website.

Gift subscriptions
By now many of you have seen photos of our new Geez buttons on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll send you three for every gift subscription you purchase before Christmas.

Wild Geese
Here at Geez we are big fans of Wild Goose Festival. Located each year in Hot Springs, North Carolina, the festival is all about “courageous, imaginative, and participative social justice work, creative expression, spiritual practice, and astonishing music.” And it’s coming up soon: July 9-12, 2015. Get your tickets online.

Here’s what Aiden had to say about Wild Goose:

“The Festival is one of the brightest lights of collective Christianity I’ve seen in North America. It brings together many of the most inspiring elements of the church: new monasticism, alternative orthodoxy, Christian community development, and speakers who challenge heterosexism, racism, patriarchy, and other forms of violence. This gives me reason and hope to carry along on the Way of Jesus. To me, this means bringing healing to those who suffer, challenging rulers who enshrine injustice, and showing that sacrificial love is the path of liberation, especially for those of privilege in the land of excess.”

Donation appeal
In November we sent out a fundraising appeal (if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on our website). Thank you to everyone who has donated already; you have our deepest gratitude. We’re not quite at our goal, so, if you haven’t already, please consider donating to this project of contemplative cultural resistance.

Free gift for $25 or more
Give $25 or more and we’ll send you a thank-you note plus a mini-booklet, A Beginner’s Journey into Contemplation.
Give $50 or more and we’ll offer you a free, colour, 11 in. x 17 in., monthly wall calendar, a thank-you note, and the booklet mentioned above.
Give $100 or more and we’ll send a one-year Geez gift subscription to a recipient of your choice (may also be added to your subscription), the calendar, booklet, and thank-you note mentioned above.
Become a Geez Monthly Donor, pledge $5, $10, $20 or more a month (you specify) and join our best base of support. You’ll get a free, ongoing subscription and we’ll send you a wall calendar.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. It’s been a tough but rewarding year and we look forward to bringing you more Geez (and holy mischief) in the new year.

On behalf of the Geez team,
Kyla Neufeld, Managing Editor

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