Will says “it’s been a good ride”

For those who are following what Will’s up to next, here’s a note he sent around to friends and colleagues:

After 15 issues of Geez, I’m moving on from my role as Geez editor. Ever since Aiden Enns invited me to join the Geez endeavour back in 2005, when it was still in the idea stage, I have had the opportunity to connect with and work with many fine people, including many of you reading this message. For this I am deeply grateful. It’s been a good ride — educational, adventurous, challenging and gratifying.

From the beginning, I imaged being involved about as long as I now have. I now look forward to work that is less demanding of my time and leaves more time for family. Specifically, I will be working part time for the Winnipeg-based Interfaith Task Force on Northern Hydro Development. Similar to work I did prior to Geez, this job will involve advocacy and organizing on issues related to the hydroelectric system in northern Manitoba. I will continue to write for Geez and others as time permits. And a move to the rurals is also in the works, though not yet imminent.

Again, a big thanks to all who are, or have been part of the Geez world. Aiden Enns will be assuming primary responsibility for editorial work at Geez from now on. I wish him and the rest of the Geez team my best. Aiden can be contacted at aiden [at] geezmagazine [dot] org.

Thanks, Will Braun

For nostaligia purposes, see a report on Will here (What would Jesus ride?) and here (People we love, scroll down).

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