Sneak a Peek of Geez’s Next Issue – Geez 68: Bread & Wine

“Em’s Boule,” Daniel Wylie-Eggert, Bangor, Pennsylvania, Ocotber 2022.

Geez 68: Bread & Wine

“We are the unheralded, tiny superheroes of human gastronomy, elevating the basic task of eating from quotidian to divine. Bread and wine – they would be nothing without us, just flat dough and fruit juice. But with us, they become transcendent, the stuff of family suppers by glowing hearths, mirth and merriment over clinking glasses, and, of course, the holy Eucharist – the body and blood of Christ, God’s own self.” – Liuan Huska, “The Secret Life of Yeast

A Liturgy of Breadmaking by Tim Cruickshank
The Oak Tree of Life and the Body of Christ by Katerina Gea
You Will Not Remain Intact by Nichola Torbett and Lynice Pinkard
This is Her Body by Kadeisha Bonsu
More Than Just a Soup Kitchen An Interview With Gerry of the New York Catholic Worker by Cristina Zerr

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