L’Arche’s 24 Hours for Peace

A press release from our friends at L’Arche International and L’Arche Canada:

All around the world, there is a group of people who find themselves victims of a secret war, of humiliation, of marginalization and rejection.

And yet, people living with intellectual disabilities have a very important role to play in our societies: they dare to call for solidarity and friendship. They bear witness to the kind of wisdom that is not afraid of human paradoxes. They are experts in integrating all manner o complexities, which is the best way to build peace…

When their voice penetrates the walls of institutions of all sorts, it sheds new light. Their calm dignity can bring clarity, and acute, if disturbing, insight. With them, L’Arche International has come to the conviction that the welcome of vulnerability is exactly the right foundation on which to build a peaceful society.

And for this reason, on January 1st, L’Arche International will post “Words of dignity” online, on the site 24 Hours for World Peace. These “Words of dignity” are the treasured phrases spoken by people with disabilities, whose communities have gathered them up, and they will be shown alongside portraits of five members of the Federation of different continents, photographed by Elodie Perriot.

If you would like to know more about L’Arche’s 24 Hours for World Peace, or to participate, click here.

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