Call for Pieces: Advent Book 2021 - Embracing Darkness

From “Summoning Advent Stillness” (2020) Credit: Megan Suttman

Embracing Darkness
Due June 1, 2021

This year, Geez will offer a second edition of our daily Advent reflection book. While we hope that the pieces are as wild and varied as our community, we also hope to narrow in on the theme of Embracing Darkness. We are looking for reflections, poetry, prayers, and whatever else you can think of that fits in 200 words.

What can the darkness teach us? What gifts or wisdom can only be accessed in the night? What would the moon have to say about the dance between dark and light? Which Biblical or movement ancestors do we turn to as models of embracing darkness? How do we build our courage to stay in the dark? How do we resist the problematic binary of light (good) and darkness (bad)? How does this season offer a spiritual invitation towards racial justice? How does darkness welcome us into the counter-cultural work of rest and slowing down? What does fear of the dark have to do with fear of death? How do we resist the flashing lights of capitalist, consumerist Christmas? How do we learn from seeds that germinate in the dark and creation that is formed in the womb?

As always for Geez, we will be looking for words that shift the structures of power, incite community, make us belly laugh, and illuminate beauty and imagination.

Further Details
What: We are not looking for pitches – send us your completed piece.
Due Date: June 1, 2021
Word Length: 200 words or fewer
Compensation: If we select your piece, we will pay you $30 and send you 2 free copies of the book in November.
Publication Details: Advent booklets will be for sale through the Geez website starting in September and will be mailed out early November.

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