Five years later, journal Geez delivers Christian faith that pokes and prods

At birth, Geez, was a hip, new, sort of edgy spiritual magazine that hoped to spread “holy mischief in an age of fast faith.” Designed in Oregon (by Darryl Brown of Newberg) and published in Canada, Geez (rhymes with “cheese”) is celebrating its fifth anniversary by taking on technology.

Editor Aiden Enns confesses that a computer sucks the life out of him while a pry bar – used correctly – adds life to him. Carrie S. Martin Googled “banana bread” and ended up with a cyber stalker (OK, yes, there were a lot of steps in between). And a Q&A with Albert Borgmann, a philosophy professor at the University of Montana and author of several books on technology, inspires some old-school soul searching: “Making room for Christianity is, in fact, the most promising response to technology,” he has said.

Geez is still ad-free — no small accomplishment these days — and, being an actual printed-on-paper magazine, you can’t read it, only taste it, online. Geez won the UTNE Independent Press Award for spiritual coverage in 2009.

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