Social Change

  • Extra! Extra! Kurt’s book of love

    Our Reviews section editor, Kurt Armstrong, has just published his first book.

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  • Pulling out the big guns

    Recently, I’ve been noticing how often I use gun-related words in everyday conversations.

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  • Living with myself after the trip

    I have a confession to make. I have participated in a short-term missions trip.

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  • You go designers

    A good friend of Geez and principal at a local design firm had a cover article in the current issue of Applied Arts. He argues, convincingly I think, for designers to employ their tools for good things like empathy and peace building.

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  • Editorial

    My best friend is a nice Gaia

    We must turn towards the mystery that pulses in all ecosystems and in our own bloodstream.

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  • Call for pitches, Geez 20: Cybereverything

    The next issue of Geez is on the pros and cons of technology. What are the pros and cons of our computer-saturated culture? We can connect more: is this good for relationships or does it distance us from each other. Here’s a chance for would-be writers to submit their ideas.

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  • Brief thoughts on my post-Christian hope

    Resistance can take the form of lowering the techno-intensity of our lives. For that to matter, the here and now needs and uplift. This world, here and now, becomes the most important of all.

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  • Computology Part 1: Computers lessen me

    Geez editor Aiden Enns has mixed feelings about the use of technology. This is the first entry in his online journal called AmishMash, a mix of neo-luddite and pop-culture pacifist activism.

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  • Experiments

    The fix we’re in

    I fret. How the heck will we turn this this world right if our youth aren’t at the grindstone? Some are dutiful, but most (as with the rest of society) are willing to Wii as Rome burns. But I know my anxiety doesn’t help a whit. It’s my work ethic taking over, as the work ethic does.

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  • News

    Work equals freedom

    Sari Bari is a private limited company in Kolkata, India birthed out of a desire to give holistic freedom to women trapped in prostitution by poverty, cultural dynamics and blatant slavery. The work of the women’s hands at Sari Bari is a beautiful reflection of the work that’s happening in the hearts of each staff member. Women find freedom through literacy, math, nutrition, budgeting, mental health support and sewing. And, they eventually experience a deep transformation of the heart.

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